Massage & Bodywork

Unraveling the painful limitations to Healthy Movement

Treatment sessions at Restoring Performance are crafted around the needs and desires of our clients and can include a mix of sports massage, soft-tissue work, pain and injury treatment, and movement work. Sessions can also be combined with other specialties – including movement and performance assessments for a powerful combination designed to eliminate pain and unravel limitations.

“While our focus is towards athletic performance, we also specialize in long-term chronic pain issues and movement limitations and have a variety of techniques and tools that can help clients find their way out of the painful patterns holding them back.”

There are times that we need to bring in additional help and different perspectives and are always happy to work hand in hand with other members of your performance team – whether that is with your doctor, PT, chiropractor, or coach.

Back Pain
Thank you so much for your insight and help to unwind the true causes of my back pain.  I would have never realized the connection between my pain and the past trauma and unresolved injuries that needed to be addressed to begin the healing process.  I am truly grateful for your support and encouragement when I was most vulnerable. - Brooke B.
Texas Victory
We ended up getting 3rd, no Texan had ever made the podium.
Thank you for your help with my body. You’ve taught me a ton about how my body works and I don’t think this victory would have been possible without your help.
Chris I.
No Limits
Mark, the bodywork that I receive with you give me hope.  I believe there are no limits as to what is capable within the body for recovery from pain and limited mobility.  You have given me hope.  Thank You...
He Understands Athletes
One thing I've always been impressed with from the first time I saw Mark, is how much he understands and grasps about the body and bodywork. As an athlete himself, so he's seen much of what comes through the door and understands how to address your issues with confidence, skill, and effectiveness.
Kelly Williamson
Professional Triathlete
Feeling Strong Again
I wanted to let you know how good I feel.  I can feel the differences in strength and how strong my body feels again!  My body is re-adjusting..  But it feels so good.  Thank you for everything you do.
Yoga Instructor
Never Waiting Again..
I have to tell you how grateful I am for your good work.  I'm so sorry I waited so long to come see you. Never again! I feel like I have my life back. I did yoga and walking yesterday and my ankle is better than ever. Thank you so much!
Dr. B

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

When you simply need to flush the body to coax out the effects of that last hard training block and restore tissue health, a combination of gentle but firm deep tissue work is ideal to bring the body back into balance and give your nervous system some much needed down time and care.

Sessions might include any combination of massage, deep tissue, sports massage, Active Release Technique (ART), or Integrated Cranial work and are designed to speed the healing process along as best as possible.

$90 / 1 HOUR
$130 / 1.5 HOUR

Integrated Injury & Pain Resolution

Sessions can integrate movement work and use  Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment (D.N.A.), Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) , and Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) to find and address the causes of the pain and movement restriction.

Treatments are based on the UNWIND® Methodology developed by Mark to safely address and restore systemic function and tissue health.  When addressing the muscle imbalances that might be creating pain and dysfunctional movement we can use a variety of modalities including deep tissue massage, sports massage, Active Release Technique (ART), and Integrated Cranial work to treat and restore function, movement, and tissue health for an effective and long-lasting treatment.

$110 / 1 HOUR
$150 / 1.5 HOUR

*note that Rock Tape application will include an additional charge.