Living A Life Without Limits

Prior to launching Restoring Performance, I struggled for a time to find clarity in the message rumbling around my head. How can I relate or communicate best what it is that I’m trying to do with Restoring Performance? What is the endgame? How am I trying to help my clients?

As an athlete, we are intently focused on the next performance. But was that relatable to everyone? Certainly, the on-going game of improvement and challenge was more so. But it struck me that we were missing the larger picture. How did this fit into our preparation for what life has to throw at us?

By addressing and shedding the constraints that have held us back, we have the chance to enrich our adventures and deepen our experiences. We can move fully towards our goals and challenges that are just over the horizon. Just out of range. Something that might require us to reach just a bit harder, and dig a bit deeper to show just how much we want it.

And to that end, I kept asking what is my role in making those tangible? How can I give clients the opportunity to take that leap of faith and step outside the box? How can we change the narrative of the story and write entirely new chapters they might not have thought possible?

It is often said that mental toughness has its foundations on physical toughness and preparedness. So, yes, a practice that is focused on the physicality of sport and life may have its foundations in bodywork and movement. However, I believe it points to a higher purpose. One in which it is really an opportunity to pull back the layers that hold us back. One where we might rediscover the ability to fully embrace and explore the opportunities which life has to offer.

So we might start with what is physical and tangible. Unraveling the restrictions and restoring movement capacity. But in the end, I am simply giving my clients the ability and permission to begin exploring…

…a life without limits.